Videos comparing Oracle Exadata and Netezza TwinFin: They really AREN’T the same after all

I’ve been working at Netezza for six months now and I’m finally getting my head around data warehousing, analytics, “big data,” predictive analytics and so forth.  It’s been a challenge, frankly, to get smart enough about this stuff to actually say anything publicly about it. 

When I was young and dumb six months ago, too bad I didn’t access to some smart, easy-to-understand videos comparing Netezza TwinFin and Oracle Exadata that show how key differences result in two very different products with different capabilities. 

If you are a friend or relative or total stranger or anyone else for that matter and still have no idea what Tim’s company does, you can learn about Netezza by viewing the three concise videos we just produced at It explains the differences between Netezza’s technology and our competitor Oracle Exadata. 

I’m a fan of Apple because their technology is easy to set up and use, incredibly powerful — and respects your intelligence.  After six months at the company I can now say with informed confidence – same with Netezza. 

I almost forgot to mention that the narrator for these videos also did the VO for the Scuderi Engine video that went viral a few years ago after I posted it on YouTube.  I cracked up when I heard his voice. Not because it was funny in a hah hah way. The guy is good. More of a “when universes collide” kind of thing. 

Anyhow, enjoy: